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Mining Crushers Have the Powerful Crushing Capacities

Le 11 décembre 2013, 04:11 dans Humeurs 0

The hollow bricks used for tall buildings need stone crusher to crush the materials so that the bricks can be made. In addition, a large number of building materials need stone crusher to complete the basic work. The stone crusher brings users new experience and unique feeling by virtue of its excellent performance, thus deeply favored by the majority of users. The super-excellent performance, leading high-tech materials, and exquisite structure of the stone crusher make it particularly eye-catching. Its operation mode is also very unique, simple and convenient. The particle shape size can be adjusted according to the needs. Tall buildings are inseparable from crusher. The stone crusher produced by Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. brings more benefits to the construction industry by virtue of its superior crushing capacity.

It has so powerful crushing capacity that it can once crush the materials even the hard materials such as granite to the uniform particle shape user requires. The jaw crusher of Stone Crusher is generally used as primary crushing equipment which crushes the material mined directly. It crushes the raw material to medium-grained. Impact Crusher and Cone Crusher play the role of secondary crushing equipments. However, the usage of the Stone Crusher is luxurious. For harder materials, Cone Crusher is favorable; if product of good size is needed, impact crusher is preferred. Sand Making Machine of Stone Crusher plays double roles, it is mainly used for making sand, besides, Sand Making Machine can also be used for shaping machine. The products crushed by Stone Crusher can be used directly.

As practice confirms, the stone crusher has not only a super-excellent crushing capacity but also a strong material grade crushing effect so that it can crush extremely hard materials in three levels: coarse, medium and fine. It is an environmental product as it produces less waste and less dust in the production process with low cost. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Creating economic benefits is the motivating power of stone crusher. A large number of stone crusher applications conform to the development of today’s society. First-class technology and efficiency is the goal that Hongxing strives for. During the growing development of industrialized construction, Hongxing will always lead the industrial brands, bringing more benefits such as economic benefits to users.


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Export Business of Mining Enterprises Is Pretty Good

Le 11 décembre 2013, 04:11 dans Humeurs 0

Hongxing stone crusher adopts the most advanced and unique production technology. So the stone crushers have fine components and good quality. Hongxing crusher emphasizes details and believes “details decide everything”. Adhering to that principle, Shanghai crushers continues to provide better quality for their own brand. In China, the stone crusher market becomes more and more prosperous, many manufacturers start to export and invest in abroad. If we want to win in the homogenization market, all of us shall supply good service. Therefore, as one of the stone crusher manufacturers, Hongxing would like to share much experience on these cases.

After signing the contract, we should prepare products for the customers. According to different price items, customers will prepare the vessel for the goods. If the price term is FOB price, the stone crusher manufacturer will have no obligation to prepare the vessel. If the customer has his own shipment company, it will be more convenient for the exporter. Zhengzhou Hongxing heavy industry Machinery co,ltd has dedicated itself to the field of the research and production of crushing equipment. The jaw crusher, impact crusher, diesel engine crusher and cone Crusher it developed are all special equipments for processing granite because they possess advanced technology, multiple functions, high crushing ratio and high capacity, at the same time the finished sands have perfect particle shape and high quality.

In order to improve the service quality, the exoprter can contact with the combine shipment company and help the customer prepare the shipment. On the side of stone crusher manufacturer, we shall train the customers lazier and lazier, which is a good respect of our service. After sale, the manufacturer needs to contact with the customer and supply the installation service and train the local workers. The timely service is also good for the customers. Affected by the depression in international and domestic economic, crusher enterprises generally face with the shortage of demand, the rise of raw material price, declining efficiency and other difficulties. We come to the silicon steel production workshop of Anshan Iron and Steel cold rolled silicon steel plant to learn more about crusher product technology, market development and production.


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Summary of Problems and Solutions of Impactor Equipment

Le 11 décembre 2013, 04:10 dans Humeurs 0

Due to improper operation or maintenance, Something s also wrong with Impact Crusher. Zhengzhou Hongxing Heavy Machine Co., LtdAnalysis of these commomly Problems and make a summary about the Solutation. Zhengzhou Hongxing Impact Crusher mainly consists of Host Shell, the adjustable Spring, Back Impact Liners, Fore Impact Liners, Liners, Rotor and Hammer, and Impact Crusher is the New and High-efficiency Crushing Equipment with Development prospects. These years,with the Application of Wear-resistant Materials, Impact Crusher is widely used in Mental-Processing Industry.

No.1: Impact Crushr has a abnormal vibration:

1. The Oversize of Raw materials, check the feeding size;

2. Uneven Wear and tear, change the Impact Hammer;

3. Unbalanced Rotor, adjuste the rotor;

4. Bottom of the foundation is not solid, check and tightening the Anchor bolts.

No.2: Impact Crusher Bearing is overheating:

1.The Shortage of Bearing Oil, add the oil to the bearing in time, and pay more attention to the oil Level;

2. the bearing is damaged, and change the new bearing;

3.the topcover is overtight, adjust the bolts.

No.3: the discharge size of impactor crusher is overlarge:

1.Hammeris Wear and tear, change the new one;

2. the Gap between Hammer and Impact breaker Plate is very large, adjust it ti 15-20mm;

3. the feeding size also influence the output size.

No.4: the Reversal of Belt:

1.The Belt is bad, change new one;

2.Something is wrong with Belt Installation,adjust the Belt to the same level.

3.Pay more attention on the Quality of Belt.

Hongxing is a famous band in the mechanical manufacturing industry in China, and we specialize in the production of large and medium-sized series crushing machines, sand maker and powder grinding machines and we are a corporate enterprise integrated in research and development, manufacturing and selling. Hongxing impact crusher is a new high-efficient crushing machine and has many advantages such as small size, simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high production capacity and even product granularity so that it has great development potential.


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